What is a Link member?

A Link member can be any young woman in Guiding aged 19 to 30 years old. Link members come in all forms; many are Unit Guiders, some are involved at the District, Area and Provincial levels on councils and committees. Some Link members do not have time to be ‘active’ Guiding members so Link is the place that keeps them connected to the organization. Link Members are encouraged to support Guiding in whatever capacity they can.

What's the objective?

To have a place to get together in a relaxed and informal setting. Link members can brainstorm ideas for service projects or can just be there to socialize and discuss all aspects of Guiding. Link events or activities may include getting together for a cup of coffee, travel, skiing, ice skating, rock climbing, hiking, camping, horseback riding and anything else you can think of!

What is the time commitment?

Whatever amount of time that you can commit, your involvement is up to you. You may want to attend every event/meeting or you may just want to be updated on what is happening in Guiding through e-mail correspondence.

Why should I be a Link member?

If you're a young Guiding member who's looking to have some fun and meet more young Guiders, this is the place to be! If you're unable to commit to regular weekly meetings or are looking for opportunities within Guiding to add on to your current involvement, Link may be what you're looking for.

If you are interested in becoming a Link Member or renewing your membership please complete the Link Information form <Forms page link> and return it to the Nova Scotia Council Office. In the meantime while you wait for your registration form to be processed check out the national Link newsletter, Link Connections.


Don't hesitate to contact us at!

Link Member form Available at NS Forms

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