Welcome to Harbourside Area !

Harbourside Area primarily covers the Halifax Regional Municipality: peninsula and west, as far as St. Margaret's Bay.

Harbourside Area has six Guiding Districts covering the general locations of:
-   Halifax South DS: Downtown and South End 
-   Hammonds Plains DS: Hammonds Plains
-   Shoreview DS: Branching from the Armdale Rotary: includes Cowie Hill, Spryfield, Herring Cove, Harrietsfield,
     North West Arm Drive and vicinity
-   St. Margaret's Bay DS:  Stillwater Lake, Upper Tantallon, St. Margaret's Bay,  Tantallon to Peggy's Cove 
-   Timberlea Prospect DS: Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea and Prospect
-   Windsor Park DS: North End Halifax, West End Halifax, Fairview and Clayton Park 

The area is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers who provide programming for girls and adult leadership and training opportunities.

Area Comissioner:  Libby MacLean Harbourside@girlguides.ns.ca

Area Deputy Commissioner:  Lynn Parks: lynn.parks@bellaliant.net

Program: Tabitha Palmer: href="mailto:harboursideprogram@gmail.com">harboursideprogram@gmail.com

Camping: Denise Hirtle: HarboursideCamping@gmail.com

International: ​Lashauna Smith: Harboursideinternational@gmail.com

PR: Monica Mackendrick:  HarboursidePR@gmail.com

Membership: Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo: harboursidemembership@gmail.com

Cookies: Ramona Jurcina: SMBCookies@eastlink.ca

Training: Marie Cron: m.cron@ns.sympatico.ca




​​For more information on Guiding in Harbourside Area, please feel free to contact:

Area Training's:



Sessions to take place at Guide House, time 6 – 9 PM


Thursday October 19, deadline for registering Tuesday October 17th by 9pm

Tuesday October 24, deadline for registering Sunday October 22nd by 9pm


Register directly with Kathy McKay at   kathy.mckay@ns.sympatico.ca


Sunday October 22nd 3:15 – 6:15 location TBA,

New Spark Guider training

New Brownie Guider training


Deadline for registering is by 9 pm, Thursday October 19th

Register directly with Marie Cron at m.cron@ns.sympatico.ca

Area events / activities: 

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